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Transitioning to Kritik from Eduflow / Peergrade
Transitioning to Kritik from Eduflow / Peergrade

A specific breakdown on why to transition to Kritik from other learning tools to achieve peer feedback and learning goals in your courses.

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Kritik is a powerful peer assessment platform that offers the same functionalities and even more flexibility and features than many other peer assessment options. We are here to support you as you transition away from Eduflow and/or Peergrade. Below we have outlined some of the key offerings from Kritik and how they compare to Eduflow and Peergrade.

Our team is available to help you learn how to best utilize our features to guarantee an engaging peer assessment experience. For more information about our product and how it can best achieve your goals, please contact our Support Team using the Live Chat function on the bottom right of any Kritik page.




Live support

The 24/7 Live Chat and Email Support offered by our staff ensures we are able to help all users at any time of need.


Calibration activities help align student expectations and grading accuracy.

Rubric Customization

The Rubric Template Builder allows instructors to create, customize, copy, and edit rubrics according to activity.

Assignment Variety

Instructors can experiment with Individual, Group, and Presentation activities according to course needs.

Grade Disputes

Students can dispute scores given by peer evaluators.


Within-Group Activities allow instructors to set up self-evaluations and reflections in addition to peer assessment.

Inter and Intra Group Evaluations

Group activities allow students to complete both Within- and Between-Group evaluations.

Group Formation

Instructors can randomly generate or custom-make student group sets.

Evaluation Score

Students receive an Evaluation score as a result of how well they complete their peer grading and written comments.

Feedback on Feedback

Students engage in 360-degree feedback by providing their evaluators feedback on given scoring and comments.

LMS Integration

Instructors can connect their courses through LMS Integration, allowing for direct Grade Syncing and Roster Syncing.

Tracking Student Progress and Engagement

Instructors can view and filter student progress to consider scoring and participation in any given activity stage.

Showcasing Student work

The Spotlight feature allows instructors to showcase exemplary work for student success.

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