Participating in a Kritik Activity

Learn what an activity card is and how to submit to each of the 3 stages in Kritik (Create, Evaluate, Feedback).

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Activity Cards

  1. Select the Activities icon on the left navigation menu.

  2. View the activity cards under the ‘Current Activities’ heading

Track the progress of an activity.

  • On the Activity Cards, you can see the activity type, track your progress, see what stage it is in, when the stage ends, and your submission status.

Due Date

  • The red box indicates the time until the current stage ends


  • The purple box indicates the current stage the activity is in

Submissions Required

  • The green box is the status bar located at the bottom of the card. It lets you know how many submissions you have submitted or have left to submit in the current stage

Submission Status

  • The blue box indicates the submission status.

  • Yellow check mark means your submission was late

  • Red X or red number means you missed 1 or more submission in that stage

  • Green check mark means you successfully completed the stage

Activity Type

  • The orange box indicates group activities and Calibration activities are marked with indication icons.

How to submit to each stage

Stage 1: Create

How to submit a creation:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Activities’ page

  2. Select the Activity Card

  3. Review the Activity Details and the Rubric

  4. Type your creation in the textbox or if permitted, attach your file.

  5. Select ‘Save & Submit’

If you see a green checkmark beside the Create icon on the Activity Card (as pictured below), your assignment has been successfully submitted.

NOTE: If you are submitting a creation in a between-group activity, only the group leader may submit the group’s creation. To find your group leader, click on the Activities tab on the left navigation bar, select the activity card, and find your group on the right-hand side.

Stage 2: Evaluate

You will be assigned a few peer creations to evaluate. Similarly, your Creation will also be evaluated by a few of your peers.

NOTE: Evaluations are done anonymously. You will not see who you are evaluating, and your peer will not know who evaluated them.

  • You'll be evaluating your peers in two ways:

    • Score your peers based on a rubric given in the activity

    • Give a written evaluation.

How to submit an evaluation:

​​NOTE: Evaluations are done anonymously. You will not see who you are evaluating, and your peer will not know who evaluated them (unless you are participating in a within-group activity)

  1. Navigate to the ‘Activities’ page

  2. Select the Activity Card

  3. Review the rubric set by your instructor.

  4. Review your peers' work, and select the appropriate star value you believe your peer deserves for their work.

    1. You may select full stars (⅔) or half stars (2.5/3)

  5. Select at least one criterion (an aspect of the rubric) where your peer did well or could improve on under ‘Select a criterion’

  6. Write a written evaluation of your peer in the textbox

    1. Refer to criteria done well within the rubric and include important things that your peers could do to improve.

    2. Make your points clear and actionable and if possible, provide specific examples

  7. Select ‘Save & Submit’

NOTE: Make sure you submit each of your assigned evaluations. Click through each of the evaluation tabs.

Stage 3: Feedback

Provide your evaluators feedback in relation to how they evaluated you. Your peers will give you feedback for the evaluations you submitted.

  • You will be helping each other learn how to become stronger evaluators.

  • You will score the peer evaluator on two different aspects of their written evaluations;

    • Motivational

    • Critical

Motivational: How motivating was the written evaluation

Critical: How helpful was the written evaluation

How to submit feedback:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Activities’ page

  2. Select the Activity Card

  3. Review your peers’ written evaluations of your creation. To review each assigned written feedback you’ll have to complete, click through the feedback tabs.

  4. Use the sliding scale to determine how motivational (ranging from Discouraging to Very Motivational) and critical (ranging from Ineffective to Great Critique) your peer’s written evaluation was.

  5. Provide a minimum 75 character count feedback comment in the textbox below.

  6. Select ‘Save & Submit’

Note: Once you have pressed Save & Submit on your feedback, then select ‘View Grade’ you cannot edit your feedback.

NOTE: Immediately after submitting your feedback, you will be able to see your scores for the activity below the rubric section of the activity page.

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