Disputing a Score

Learn how to dispute a score.

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You may dispute a creation score after you have received the evaluations from your peers, and after you have completed the "Feedback" stage.

NOTE: Only dispute if you believe your creation score does not fairly reflect your creation submission based on the rubric.

How to dispute a score:

  1. Navigate to your activity

  2. Under the ‘Creation Score’ tab, you can view your score

  3. Select the ‘Dispute Score’ button

  4. A textbox will appear. Let your instructor know why you are disputing your score in the textbox

    1. Your teacher or TA of the course will be notified.

    2. They will review your work and resolve the dispute by either increasing, decreasing, or keeping your grade.

  5. Select ‘Submit Dispute’

  6. You will receive a notification bar that indicates the status of your dispute as either pending or resolved.

NOTE: In a group activity, only the group leader of a group activity may dispute the creation score. As a member of a group, if you have concerns regarding your Creation score, confer with your leader to come to a mutual understanding and they will be able to raise the dispute with your instructor.

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