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How to Link Kritik to a Course in your LMS
How to Link Kritik to a Course in your LMS

Find steps on how to connect and disconnect Kritik to a course in your LMS.

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NOTE: The contents of this article explain the steps instructors should take to connect courses that have been manually made in Kritik from scratch to LMS. Courses that have been automatically created or duplicated in Kritik by login via LMS launch link should automatically be connected to LMS. To check if your course has been connected, skip to Step 4 to see the connection status (you can then follow this guide from Step 1 if it is not).

Connecting LMS

We highly recommend only connecting to your LMS before you have invited students. If you wish to connect it after you’ve already invited students to Kritik, please let our Live Chat agents know and they will guide you in next steps.

To connect Kritik to your course in your Learning Management System (LMS), your institution must enable permissions to establish integration. Once this has been done, you can connect your LMS to your Kritik course by following these steps:

  1. Click into the course you wish to connect in Kritik

  2. Navigate to ‘Course Info’ on the left navigation menu

  3. Select ‘Edit Details’ at the top right of the Course Info page.

  4. Navigate to the ‘Course Integrations’ section at the bottom of the page

  5. Select ‘Setup LMS’

  6. Choose the course you would like to sync with your Kritik Course

    1. Please note that there may be up to 1 hour of delay between launching from your LMS course to seeing the course appear in Kritik. Please ensure that you do launch from the same course you wish to connect to from your LMS.

  7. Once established, the course will appear in the LMS section of the ‘Edit Details’ section of your course.

To find out more about what’s included with your institution’s LMS integration, or set up LMS-related features (such as roster sync and grade sync) please contact our Live Chat support.

Note: Once a course has been connected to your LMS, invited students will not be able to sign in using their credentials on the main Kritik log in page. Instead, students will need to follow the Single Sign-On (SSO) process:

1. Sign into the Learning Management System using school credentials.

2. Locate the course in question and navigate to find the Kritik launch link. Click on the link to sign into Kritik. This should automatically take students to their Kritik accounts.

Disconnecting LMS

  • If you have connected the wrong course, simply select ‘Disconnect LMS’

Connecting to Kritik with another LMS

Kritik enables institutions to seamlessly integrate multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS) with their Kritik account. This ability streamlines the process of managing various LMS solutions within one institution.

Accessing Kritik through a second LMS:

To access Kritik through a second LMS, students & instructors need to first validate their identity. This is done through a unique 6 digit validation code that will be sent via email.

In order to access Kritik from a new LMS, students & instructors must first input this code.

If you are not able to locate your code. Please reach out to Kritik live chat for help.

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