Syncing grades from Kritik to your LMS is currently only available with API integration.

Please contact our support team for more information about enabling LMS Grade Sync.

To sync grades, your Kritik course must be connected to your LMS course. To connect your courses, see our How to link Kritik to a course in your LMS page.

How to use Grade Sync:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Grade Sync’ icon on the left navigation menu

  2. Instructors can either download an export of the grade book or export all student Creations

  3. Instructors can also either sync activity grades or the overall grades with the LMS course grade book

Syncing the overall score:

  1. Navigate to the LMS Columns section

  2. Select the correct column from the LMS grade book to update.

    1. If the solemn does not exist, select ‘Create new column’

  3. Select ‘Sync scores’ to initiate the sync

Syncing the activity score:

  1. Select the ‘By Activity’ option

  2. All completed activities will appear.

  3. Select the grey sync icon. The icon will then appear blue, indicating the activity is ready to be synced.

  4. Select ‘Sync Activities’

    1. Ensure you have selected the correct LMS column to be updated in your LMS


How can I tell when the activity was synced last?

  • Navigate to the ‘Status’ solemn to see when the last sync to your LMS grade book

Do activities sync every time I click on "Sync Activities"?

  • No, activities only sync when the blue icon is visible. This needs to be enabled for the activities that you would like to sync. The default setting is set to "not going to sync".

How can I resync a previously synced activity?

  1. Click on the triple dot menu.

  2. A modal will pop up to change the sync settings for that activity.


  1. Select the gray icon to it to blue and overwrite previous data

What would happen if I remove the assignment column in my LMS grade book and then initiate the sync?

  • If an assignment is removed from the grade book (that was previously synced) and you sync the activity, there will be an error message

    • Fix this by creating or selecting another column to sync

    • Course average defaults to ‘Hide class average’ but can be changed to ‘Show class average’ if you would like your students to see the class average of their creations compared to their own.

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