How to Sync Groups for Canvas
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Enabling Group Sync

You will only need to enable the group sync function once. This means after the authentication is complete, any future Kritik courses will not require authentication again. Follow the steps below to complete the authentication.

Step 1: Course Connection

Once your course is connected in Canvas, navigate to the Groups tab within the Course Roster. Here, you will notice a new prompt asking you to enable Group Sync. This is a necessary step to allow Kritik to access your Canvas groups data.

Step 2: Authorization

To proceed, you'll need to authorize the external tool to sync with Canvas. Click on the prompt, and follow the instructions to grant the necessary permissions

Navigating the Groups Tab

  • Group Set Actions and Groups Actions: Actions related to entire sets of groups and individual groups are now more clearly separated. This organization helps you find and execute actions quicker and more accurately.

  • Sync Group Dropdown: Similar to the Sync Roster feature, you will find a new dropdown menu labeled "Sync Group." This tool allows you to synchronize selected groups with the external platform. Simply choose the groups you wish to sync from the dropdown menu.

Managing Groups

  • Automatic Group Sync: The group sync will automatically run every 30 minutes to keep consistency with Canvas groups. However, Students will not be added to group in activities that are past the Evaluate stage.

  • Sync Indicators: Groups that have been successfully synced with the external platform are now marked with a tag featuring a link icon. This visual indicator helps you quickly identify which groups are currently synchronized.

  • Creating Groups: Once the Kritik course is connected to an LMS course, the only way to create new groups in Kritik is via Group Sync. Legacy groups created prior to the course being connected will be read-only.

  • Accessing Non-Synced Groups: While you can still access and utilize previously created groups from the dropdown menu, please note that these groups cannot be edited, except for changing group leaders. This restriction is in place to maintain the integrity of group data across both platforms.

  • Group leaders: Group leaders are assigned at random but instructors can change the leader at anytime from within Kritik.

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