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All About the Intro to Kritik Activity

Learn about what the Intro to Kritik activity is, its purpose, and how to use it in your course.

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The Intro to Kritik Activity is a short, pre-made activity in your course that helps make Kritik a smooth adoption for both the instructor and students. The activity has a default weight of 0 in any given course, with the idea to introduce Kritik to students in a low-stakes manner.

NOTE: This is a default activity that is added to all newly created courses. If for any reason you are seeing that this is missing from your course, please contact the Live Chat at the bottom right of your screen so that Kritik Support can add it for you.

How it Works

The activity is used to familiarize your students with the 3 stages of Kritik (Create, Evaluate, Feedback) and to get them thinking about the importance of feedback.

In this activity, students will describe and evaluate the impact a piece of advice had on their life. They will describe an impactful moment when they received feedback or coaching in relation to achieving an objective they had and share why it had the impact that it did.

How to Use

The best practice is to conduct this activity at low stakes within the first week of classes as their first activity. Communicate with students that this activity is used to get students used to the platform and how to give and receive feedback.

NOTE: The activity is automatically set to be worth 0 pts but can be changed to be worth bonus points if you wish.

NOTE: The activity is not scheduled and must be scheduled before beginning the activity.

The activity is fully customizable or effective to run as is.

To edit the activity:

  1. Select the Activities icon on the left navigation menu.

  2. Select the 'Intro to Kritik' activity under the 'Current Activities' heading

  3. Select 'Edit Activity' at the top right of the page

  4. Adjust the Activity Details and Options section of the activity if applicable

  5. Select 'Save Activity'

  6. Schedule the activity

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