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Introduction to LMS Integrations
Introduction to LMS Integrations

Find an overview of Learning Management Systems (LMS) benefits and list of currently offered LMS Integrations.

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Depending on your school’s LMS, Kritik offers LMS integrations for easy management of your Kritik course including Single Sign-On, Roster Sync, and Grade Sync.

Current Learning Management Systems (LMS) Kritik offers integrations with:

  • Canvas

  • Blackboard

  • Desire2Learn (D2L)

  • Moodle

To connect your LMS to your Kritik course, you will need administrative access and will likely have to contact your institution's IT administration to aid you in this step.

If you are not able to integrate your LMS with Kritik in time for your course's start, you can still accomplish everything that the integration does by doing so manually:

  • You can invite your students by copy/pasting their emails into the student invitation box (instructions here)

  • You can add or unenrol students manually from Kritik at any time

  • You can download the Gradebook from Kritik, and upload students' grades into your LMS

  • You can copy/paste the URL of any Kritik activity into the assignment information in your LMS in order to link students directly to that activity.

For additional assistance, feel free to contact our Support Team via Live Chat at the bottom right corner of any screen on Kritik.

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