Enrolling Students

Learn how to mange students, enroll, and remove students from your course.

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Managing Students

To enroll, manage, view and remove students, select the students icon on the left navigation.

Inviting Students

NOTE: If you are using an LMS integration and your course is LMS connected, please follow the steps outlined in this article to invite students via Roster Sync.

  1. Select the Students icon on the left navigation menu

  2. Select ‘Invite Students’

  3. Enter a list of emails separated by commas or line-breaks

  4. Select ‘Send Invite Emails’

  • Students will automatically receive an invite link to their email to enroll.

  • Invited students that have not enrolled into the course will be listed in the ‘Pending’ tab

Removing a student

  1. Select the Students icon on the left navigation menu and click into the Enrolled tab.

  2. Click the 3 dots at the end of the student record and select Remove Student.

  3. Removed students will still appear in the Enrolled tab, but shown in italics and with the Status appearing as “removed”:

Invite reminders:

Kritik sends invite reminders to students on the third and seventh days after the initial invite. The invite reminders are only sent to students that have been invited to Kritik but have not yet enrolled.

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