The gradebook can export into either Excel or Numbers as a compatible spreadsheet file.

How to download the Gradebook:

  1. Navigate to your course homepage by selecting ‘Course Info’

  2. Select ‘Download’ in purple at the top right of the page

  3. Click Download Gradebook

  4. Open the downloaded Gradebook

Understanding the Gradebook

  • Each sheet contains student information including their Full name, Kritik ID, and Student Email.

  • The grades for each individual completed activity can be found in the tabs at the bottom of the Excel sheet.

  • You can also see the overall grades and all data for all the activities.

  • For any non-completed activities, you will be able to see the submission status of each of your student’s creations (including the date and time it was submitted), view the scores of each of the stages that have been completed and the scores on each of the rubric criterias.

Overall Tab:

  • Students’ current grades from all finalized activities.

  • Overall creation score, evaluation score, grading score, written evaluation score, and feedback score

All Data Tab:

  • Includes all data collected from all activities regardless if the activity is marked as complete

  • Includes all the data collected from each activity in one single sheet

Activity Tabs:

  • Includes all the data collected from a particular activity

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