Kritik is an online peer-to-peer interactive learning platform designed for professors to engage students in a twenty-first century way. Kritik puts students at the center of their learning where you are there as their coach and guide. Use Kritik to help reduce the time you allocate to grading while ensuring your students receive timely and personalized feedback. Plus, you’ll be helping your students develop their critical thinking and communication skills.

With Kritik, you can:

  • Enable your students to engage in peer assessment

  • Foster vibrant online learning communities through Kritik’s unique opportunities for student collaboration and interactive features

  • Create customizable rubrics and allow your students to engage in rubric-based assessment

  • Offer your students unique activities beyond just multiple-choice tests

  • Enable your students to provide better feedback through Kritik's 360-degree feedback loop

Intro to Kritik - A video for your students

To ensure your students understand what Kritik is all about, please share this video with them at the beginning of the term. The video outlines the skills they will gain from using Kritik, how the three stages work, and how to be an effective evaluator.

Intro to Kritik - A presentation for the first week

If you wish to introduce Kritik to your students in a presentation format, please contact our Live Chat Support and they will provide you with a PowerPoint or PDF presentation to supplement your introduction to the Kritik platform. Once you download the presentation, you are able to edit the slides to your preferences.

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