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See how you can explain Kritik to your students within your course syllabus with the text below.

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If you're wondering how to introduce Kritik in simple terms within your course outline, feel free to use the below text as a guideline or copy and paste it into your syllabus.


This term, we will be using Kritik (, a peer-to-peer learning and evaluation platform. Kritik puts you, the student, at the center of your learning. Kritik is focused on an important goal: to help you in developing critical thinking and communication skills, which in turn set you up for success both in and out of the classroom.

Each Kritik activity has 3 unique stages:

Stage 1: Create → Follow the instructions, read the provided rubric and create a submission

Stage 2: Evaluate → Anonymously score your peers based on the rubric, and provide written comments

Stage 3: Feedback → Provide your peer evaluators anonymous feedback in relation to how motivational and critical their written comments were


When you participate in Kritik activities, you will receive 4 scores: Creation score, Evaluation score, Feedback score, and Overall score.


An email invitation will be sent to your school email account that contains information on how to register for a Kritik account and enroll in the course.

How to get help: If you have any questions about Kritik, please use their live chat. A human agent will respond promptly within a few minutes from 9am-5pm eastern time Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, you’ll receive a reply that Kritik will be back the next business day - but don’t worry! They monitor around the clock and will still respond to urgent requests within a few hours. You can also visit to view their help articles.

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