Integration Steps:

  1. Log into Brightspace and select "Manage Extensibility" in the admin menu.

  2. Select "LTI Advantage," followed by "Register Tool."

  3. Select "Standard" on the next page.

  4. You should see a form to fill out. Enter the name of the tool (Kritik).

    1. Domain will be

    2. Redirect URL:

    3. Open ID Connect:

    4. Target Link URI:

    5. Keyset URL:

  5. Check off all Extensions and select "send Institution role." Hit Save.

  6. You’ll now see a list of information that you will refer to later when completing the integration.

  7. Then, create a new Deployment for the tool by clicking "view deployments" at the bottom of the page, followed by “new deployment.”

  8. Select the tool you just created from the dropdown menu. Name the tool, select all extensions, and select all boxes below besides "Anonymous."

  9. Under configuration settings, select "Open as an External Resource."

  10. Add the tool to the appropriate Org Units of their choice.

  11. You’ll see a deployment ID at the bottom of the page, which you’ll refer back to when completing the integration.

  12. You can create an LTI link to add to courses by clicking "view links" at the bottom of the page and hitting, "New link." For the URL on this page please paste

  13. Click on the Edlink integration link to complete the integration -

  14. Follow the steps. Under Select A Data Provider, select “LTI Advantage.” You’ll see this form to fill out, which corresponds to the ID’s and URLs provided by Brightspace once when you installed the LTI app.

  15. Complete the steps provided by the integration link. Once they’re complete, test out the LTI app you’ve installed in Brightspace.

  16. You’re all done!

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