Learn how to view your course's spotlights and what spotlight badges are.

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Spotlights are a way for your instructor to show you exemplary creations and evaluations from your classmates or Spotlight something you did well to the rest of your class! You can use these as a reference point to help improve your own work, or to refer to when studying. Spotlights are always anonymous.

How to See and Use Spotlights

When an instructor Spotlights something, it will show up on the Activities page as a card under your grade distribution.

  • Clicking on the card will lead to a full page view of the Spotlight

    • Includes a link to the original activity, the instructor's comment on why they Spotlighted the content or what they liked about it, and the actual content as well

Spotlight Badges

Your instructor will tag a Spotlight with a badge to highlight exactly why the content was Spotlighted. There are different badges for Creations vs. Evaluations.

Creation Badges:

  • Above & Beyond: Student created an exceptional answer to the activity.

  • Innovative: Student solved the activity in an unconventional way or developed an answer that displays "out of the box" thinking.

Evaluation Badges:

  • Critical & Motivational: Student provided a great critique in an inspirational tone while still giving their peer guidance on how to effectively improve for next time.

  • Authentic: The student provided a helpful evaluation that has been well thought out. It is clear they care about their peer's improvement.

NOTE: If your work is chosen to be spotlighted, your content will be completely anonymous and you will simply be notified via email that your content was Spotlighted.

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