Resolving Flagged Comments

Learn how flagged comments work.

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In the Feedback stage, students can flag comments that they consider to be offensive or too harsh.

  • A red flag symbol will appear under the Issues column in the Creation List.

  • Professors can review these comments and resolve them by deeming them as inappropriate and removing them or by deeming them as not inappropriate.

  • Students are able to flag comments before or after they submit their feedback.

What should instructors do after seeing a flagged comment?

Once a student reports a comment as inappropriate, the instructor would review this to resolve it - this is done by either marking this as inappropriate and removing the evaluation or marking it as appropriate and leaving it as it is.

To resolve a flagged comment or evaluation, go into the flagged student's evaluation tab and locate the reported submission. This will reveal that the comment was reported or flagged by a peer, and beneath this instructors will view an option to "resolve" the flagged comment.

Upon pressing this dropdown function, instructors will see options to resolve this conflict by either marking this submission as inappropriate and removing it or marking it as appropriate and leaving it as is.

Once the flagged comment has been acted on by the instructor (removed or marked as appropriate), this will then show as resolved:

As shown in this screenshot, instructors also have the option to change their resolution after resolving this.

What happens if an instructor marks an evaluation as inappropriate and removes it?

When an evaluation is removed:

  • The evaluator will receive a score of 0 and be notified about the removal.

  • The creation score for the creator will be auto-adjusted as if the evaluator never evaluated that creation. The creator will be notified about the score adjustment as well.

  • The creator would receive a feedback score of 100% relating to the removed evaluation.

  • When the activity transitions to complete, the grading power of the evaluator will be negatively impacted.

For more information on how to remove an evaluation, reinstate a removed evaluation, or about the removal process, see our instructor article on Removing Evaluations in Kritik.

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