How to Revert a Stage

Learn how to revert an activity stage in Kritik.

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Here's a comprehensive guide on how to revert an activity stage. This feature allows you to move an activity back to a previous stage, enabling additional submissions or edits from students.

Steps to Revert an Activity Stage:

  1. Navigate to the Activity:

    • Click on the specific activity you wish to revert.

  2. Open Actions Menu:

    • Click on "Actions" and select "Revert Activity Stage".

  3. Revert the Activity Stage:

    • Select "Revert Activity Stage".

Instructors can also revert a stage from the activity tile:

Note: You can only revert an activity back by one stage at a time. If you need to revert multiple stages, you’ll need to repeat the reverting process for each stage sequentially.

Specific Revert Actions and Considerations:

Not all activity types or stages can be reverted. For instance:

  • Between Group activities can only be reverted from the Grading to Feedback stage.

  • Presentation activities cannot be reverted at all.

  • Within Group activities can only be reverted from:

    • Evaluate to Create stage

    • Grading to Feedback stage

    • Finalized to Grading stage

  • Completed to Grading:

    • Reverting an activity from Completed to Grading does not affect grades, unless there are late evaluations or feedback added. Once re-finalized, grading will be updated accordingly.

  • Grading to Feedback:

    • Reverting from Grading to Feedback enables students to submit their feedback. All existing feedback is retained, but students who have seen their Activity grade cannot edit their Form of Feedback (FoF).

  • Evaluation to Creation:

    • Reverting to the Creation stage will remove all submitted student evaluations and feedback.

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