Creating Rubrics with AI

Learn how to create customized rubrics with AI in Kritik

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Kritik's AI Rubric feature revolutionizes the way instructors create assessment rubrics. By leveraging the power of AI, this feature simplifies the rubric creation process, providing a tailored rubric that aligns with your activity.

Please note: This feature has been disabled for some institutions. If you don't see it but would like access to it, please contact our Support team via the Live Chat and we can look into whether it can be enabled for you.

How to use the feature

The AI Rubric feature is designed to streamline the creation of rubrics by automatically generating them based on the information you provide for an activity. To make the most of this tool, it's essential to input the activity title, provide detailed instructions, articulate clear learning objectives, and specify the course title. The more specific and detailed your input, the more accurately the AI can tailor the rubric to meet the specific requirements of your assignment.

To use the AI rubric feature, follow these steps:

1. Input Activity Details: Before you can generate a rubric, you need to input the necessary details for your activity. This includes the activity title, detailed instructions, and learning objectives.

2. Choose 'Create Rubric with AI': After entering the activity details, click on the 'Generate a Rubric' button. This will prompt the AI to start creating a custom rubric based on the information provided.

3. Customize if Necessary: If you'd like to make any changes to the rubric, you can customize it. Adjust the criteria, descriptions, and the weighting of each section to better fit your expectations for the activity.

4. Save and Apply Rubric: Before finalizing the rubric, you can click on 'Save as' to store it separately. This step ensures that the rubric is not just linked to the current activity but is also saved for future use. After saving, you can then click "Done" to apply the rubric to the activity.

5. Save Activity: Before proceeding to save the activity, ensure that you have completed all remaining activity settings. Once you are satisfied that all the necessary information has been correctly entered and reviewed, click on the "Save Activity" button. This action will save all the information, including the AI-generated rubric, with the activity.

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