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Managing Student Participation With Missed Work
Managing Student Participation With Missed Work

Learn how to prevent students who have missed the Create stage from participating in the Evaluate and Feedback stages.

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Information to note:

  • This setting can only be enabled and applied to activities that have not yet been scheduled and activities with Create stages that have not yet passed their deadline.

  • Enabling this setting will prevent any student(s) with a missing Creation from receiving any Evaluations and Feedback to complete in the activity. They will also not receive any more notifications and reminders for the activity.

How to enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to the "Activities" page in your course.

  2. Go into the activity in question and select "Edit Activity" at the top right of your screen to manage the activity's settings.

  3. Scroll down and locate the option to prevent students from moving on in an activity without a Creation submission.

  4. Click on the switch on the left hand side to enable this setting. The button will turn pink when enabled. Click "Save Activity" at the bottom left corner to finalize this change.

    NOTE: Students' participation/progress will be marked as "Missed" for each stage and they will receive a score of 0 for this particular activity. Enabling this feature will also automatically disable Late Submission settings for this particular activity.

    If you would like to disable this setting after enabling it, simply retrace the steps above and click on the setting switch again. The button will return to grey when disabled.

Instructor View:

See below how an activity with this setting enabled will look in the instructor view.

  • When filtered by "Progress":

  • When filtered by "Scoring":

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