Creating Activities with AI

Learn how to create templates for Individual Activities with AI in Kritik

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With this feature, instructors can create AI-Generated activities which include objectives, instructions, and a custom rubric for instructors to edit and use as they wish.

This feature has been disabled for some institutions. If you don't see it but would like access to it, please contact our Support team via the Live Chat and we can look into whether it can be enabled for you.

How to use the feature

NOTE: This feature creates Individual, Calibration, Group, and Live Presentation Activities.

To use the AI activity feature, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that your course title includes the name of the course (not just the course ID or code). For example, here is a course titled "Organic Chemistry":

  2. Navigate to the Activities page, and select "Create Activity with AI" at the top right of your screen.

  3. The AI tool offers you the option to upload your syllabus, which it will then use to generate activities tailored to your course content. If you prefer to create an AI activity without attaching the syllabus, the tool will generate activities based solely on the course name.

    Note: If your syllabus is already attached on the "Course Info" page, it will automatically be included.

  4. The AI tool will then provide you with a list of Activity templates related to your course content:

    1. Select "Create this activity" to access the activity template. This action will create the entire activity template, including objectives, instructions, and a rubric. You can edit the activity name and content as you wish and schedule it when ready. If created and left unscheduled, this AI-created template will show up on your Activities page as unscheduled for you to look back to and edit/schedule at a later time.

    2. Select "See more examples" to have the tool provide more template options.

    3. Select "Create Activity Manually" to exit the tool and go back to setting up and scheduling your activity for the course.

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