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LTI 1.3 Setup Guide For Canvas at the course level - Canadian Schools
LTI 1.3 Setup Guide For Canvas at the course level - Canadian Schools
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Integration Steps:

  1. Log onto Canvas (admin account) and navigate to Developer keys

  2. Select the blue +Developer Key button, then +LTI Key. You’ll see a form:

    1. Under Method, select Enter URL.

    2. Name the tool: Kritik

    3. Put your email in the Owner Email field.

    4. Hit Save.

  3. You’ve created your LTI Key! Flip the state to ON.

  4. Copy the key Details - the string of numbers above the “Show Key” button. You’ll use this to create a deployment. You’ll also use it when completing the integration to Edlink.

  5. To set up the integration at the course level, navigate to the course settings page.

  6. Under the "Apps" tab, please click on the blue "+ App" button

7. Under Configuration Type, select “By Client ID.” In the Client ID field, paste in the key details you copied from the LTI key you just created (from step 4)

9. Under Select Your Data Source, select “LTI Advantage.” Then, select where you would like your data to be stored.

10. You'll see a page called "Configure Your LTI Advantage Source." Select Canvas from the LMS options available.

Fill out the form. You'll need to enter your Canvas URL and check off the "Mark as Complete" box.

You'll fill in the following field: Client ID (from step 4).

  1. You can ignore the rest of the fields, they do not need to be filled in

  2. Click “Validate Your Configuration” to ensure all fields have been inputted correctly

  3. You're all done!

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