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How to Link Kritik Activities to Assignments on Canvas
How to Link Kritik Activities to Assignments on Canvas

Read this article to learn about how to add Kritik links to assignment modules on Canvas.

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How to add the link

After having connected Canvas to your Kritik course, your students will access Kritik using a launch link from within Canvas. This link will live on your course's homepage in Canvas, but you can also link activities from Kritik directly to assignments in Canvas using the instructions below.

  1. Go to your course in Canvas and click Modules in your sidebar.

  2. Create a new Module, name it, and click Add Module.

  3. Once you've added your module, click the plus sign to the right side of it. A window will pop-up. From here, select add External Tool from the dropdown menu in the pop-up window.

  4. Choose Kritik as your External Tool.

  5. Now, your module can be added to an assignment, to allow your students to easily access Kritik via their assignments.

What your students will see

When clicking on the attached assignment link, students will get directed here, to the module with Kritik added as an external tool.

When students click on the external tool as pictured above, they will get directed to their Kritik homepage, on which they can see their active courses and access their content and activities.

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