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LTI 1.3 Setup Guide for Blackboard - U.S Schools
LTI 1.3 Setup Guide for Blackboard - U.S Schools

Integrate Blackboard with Kritik

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Integration Steps:

  1. Log into Blackboard, go to Integrations in the admin menu, and select LTI Tool Providers

  2. Hit “Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool.”

  3. Enter this Client ID: 1d76ac9e-1ca3-443b-8af2-bc57488dd0b1

  4. You’ll be directed to a page with pre-filled info about your tool. You’ll use the Deployment ID when completing the integration via Edlink. Please save this ID

    When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see more checkboxes. Check off every box and select "yes" next to Allow grade services and Allow Membership Service Access.

  5. Hit Submit. You should now see the tool listed under LTI Tool Providers in the Administrator Panel. Now you can add placements for the tool by clicking on the arrow next to “Kritik” and selecting Manage Placements.

  6. Kritik will be automatically added as a Course Tool, which you can remove. If you’d like to add other placements, select Create Placements.

  7. You’ll then see a form, where you’ll enter the name of the tool, a handle, and select the type of placement you’d like. Select Launch in New Window.

    Hit Submit. Now you’re ready to complete the integration via Edlink

  8. Click on your Edlink integration link to complete the integration.

  9. Under Select Your Data Source, select “LTI Advantage.” Then, select where you would like your data to be stored.

    You'll see a page called "Configure Your LTI Advantage Source." Select Blackboard from the LMS options available. Then, fill out the form. You'll need to enter your Blackboard URL and check off the "Mark as Complete" box.

    You'll fill in the following fields: Client ID and Deployment ID. Use the Client ID already provided to you in these instructions, and the Deployment ID that was created when you installed the tool using the Client ID).You can ignore the rest of the fields.

  10. Complete the final steps provided by the integration link. Once they’re complete, test out the LTI app you’ve installed in Blackboard.

  11. Click Validate Your Configuration to ensure all fields have been inputted correctly.

  12. You’re all done!

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