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Flagging Comments

Learn what flagging a comment is and how to submit a flagged comment.

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During the Feedback Stage, you may flag a written evaluation you received if you think it is offensive or inappropriate.

  • Flagged comments will be reviewed by your instructor.

How to flag a written evaluation:

  1. Select the activity card while the activity is in the Feedback Stage.

  2. Review the written evaluation you have received.

  3. Select the ‘Report’ button.

  4. Select ‘Yes’ if you believe the written evaluation was inappropriate.

  5. The ‘Report’ button will be replaced by a red flag that indicates the written feedback was inappropriate.

NOTE: This action is anonymous. Your peers will not know your identity if you report their written evaluation of your work.

To unflag a written evaluation, select the red flag to the right of ‘Reported as inappropriate’.

What happens after an evaluation has been flagged?

After you flag or report an evaluation as inappropriate, your instructor would review this evaluation to resolve it - this is done by either marking this as inappropriate and removing the evaluation or marking it as appropriate and leaving it as it is.

When an evaluation is removed:

  • The evaluator will receive a score of 0 and be notified about the removal.

  • The creation score for the creator will be auto-adjusted as if the evaluator never evaluated that creation. The creator will be notified about the score adjustment as well.

  • The creator would receive a feedback score of 100% relating to the removed evaluation.

  • When the activity transitions to complete, the grading power of the evaluator will be negatively impacted.

Here is an example of the email evaluators will receive after removal:

Here is an example of the notification that the creator will see in Kritik during this process:

What happens if my instructor reinstates an evaluation after removal?

If an evaluation is removed by accident or your instructor changed their mind, they can include the evaluation again for the activity. When the evaluation is included again, all changes to the grading will be reverted.

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