Calibration Activities

Learn about how calibration activities work.

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Your instructor may schedule a calibration activity to align student grading power based on how closely students grade creations to how the instructor grades creations.

How Calibration Works

  • Your instructor will select 3 creations and grade them using the selected rubric.

  • Students will then grade the same 3 creations using the same rubric.

TIP: Make sure you read the rubric carefully when grading the 3 creations. Following the rubric closely will help you score the creations as accurately as possible.

  • Students' grading powers are then calibrated through Kritik’s algorithms on the backend. The closer a student grades to how the instructor grades, the higher that student's grading power will be.

    • The new grading power allocated to each student will apply to any future Kritik activities.

    • Grading power will be adjusted as soon as the Calibration Activity is marked as complete.

  • Students are able to see evaluation notes given by their instructor after they have completed grading the creations. These notes are designed to provide students with insights into how the instructors graded the creations so students can become better graders.

NOTE: In a calibration activity, there is only the evaluation stage. Students are only required to grade the three creations.‍ No written evaluations are required.

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