The Grace Period

Learn what the grace period is and what happens when you submit a creation during the grace period.

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During the grace period, students can submit a late creation directly in Kritik and be assigned evaluators to participate in the next stages of a Kritik activity.

NOTE: This only applies if your instructor has this option turned on.

  • Evaluations will only be assigned after the grace period concludes.

  • Submissions during the grace period are labeled as “Grace Period” for both the student who submitted late and in the instructor's view.

    • Creations submitted in the Grace Period will be time-stamped in your instructor’s view

  • Submissions during the Grace Period are still anonymous. Your peers will not be able to see if you have submitted in the Grace Period.

Submitting during the grace period:

  • You will get notified that your creation is overdue

  • You have a window of time to submit your late creation.

  • If you have submitted already, you do not get a notification, but you can resubmit during the Grace Period if you wish to make any edits.

    NOTE: This will mark your activity as having been submitted during the Grace Period.

When you submit during the grace period you will see this note above your submission:

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