How to enroll in your Kritik course:

NOTE: If it is not your first time using Kritik (for example, if you have already used it in a different course), you can simply log in to your existing account and enroll in your new course by clicking "Purchase Subscription".

  1. Wait until your instructor has sent out an invitation link to your student email

    1. Check your inbox or spam folder for an email from

  2. Select the purple ‘Join Course’ button in the email

  3. Complete the information fields

    1. Password

    2. Name (only visible to your instructor unless while in the create stage of a between-group activity or during a within-group activity)

    3. Phone Number (optional - if you provide a phone number, Kritik will send SMS reminders for all activity due dates)

  4. Select ‘Continue’

  5. Add a Profile Photo (optional, and only visible to your instructor)

  6. Select ‘Finish’

  7. Select ‘Proceed to checkout’

    1. Fill out the payment information as required

  8. Select ‘Enroll in Course’

  9. Select ‘Enter your course’

Payment Methods

  • Kritik supports the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, and Amex.

  • We also accept PayPal

    • Contact us directly through the live chat to pay using this method.

You may also contact us through the chat if you require further support or a receipt.

Refund Policy

If you drop or withdraw from a course, Kritik allows refunds within a span of 2 weeks from the date of the purchase day of your order. To request a refund, please contact us directly using the live chat.

Editing Account Information

  1. Select your icon at the bottom left of any page in Kritik

  2. Select ‘Account Settings’

  3. Under the ‘About’ section, you can edit your profile image and your name

    1. Select ‘Update’

  4. Under the ‘Account’ section, you can add your phone number or update your phone number in order to receive SMS reminders and notifications.

NOTE: You will not be able to change your email through your account settings. This is to prevent issues with your school's LMS. If you need help updating your email, please contact Kritik Support through the Live Chat on our website.

Notification Preferences

  1. Navigate to the ‘Course’ icon on the left navigation bar

  2. Select ‘Preferences’ at the top right of the page

  3. Select your preferences

  4. Select ‘Save’

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