Information to note:

  • This setting only applies to future activities and/or a creation stage that has not passed the deadline in an active activity.

  • Late submissions settings only apply to the creation stage for activities. If you have a student who needs to submit a late evaluation or feedback, please have them contact our Live Chat after receiving approval from you.

How to set up late submissions:

  1. Navigate to your course homepage by selecting your ‘Course Info’

  2. Select ‘Edit Details’ at the top right of your screen.

  3. Scroll down to the Late Submissions section.

  4. Select ‘Expand’ to the right to view more details.

  5. Select the Late Submission option you would like, as outlined below.

Allow Late Submissions - Students are able to independently submit Creations beyond the assigned due date.

  • You must select whether they are auto-approved or need to be approved by you.

    • Read below for more information

  • All submissions will be date-stamped and marked as late once approved.

  • Submissions made during the Evaluation stage may be auto-assigned to eligible Evaluators, or graded manually by you.

  • Submissions received past the Evaluation stage must be graded manually by you, as there are no eligible Evaluators.

NOTE: An eligible evaluator is any student that has not begun their evaluations yet.

Auto-accept Late Submissions - Students' late submissions will be automatically accepted without the need for your approval.

  • All submissions will be date-stamped and marked as late.

  • Eligible Evaluators will be automatically assigned if the Creation was submitted during the Evaluate stage. This means that some students may receive more evaluations to complete than what you assigned.

  • You can always reject a late submission at any time even after it's been accepted.

Needs Approval - Students’ late submissions will only be accepted if you choose to accept them.

  • You will receive an email notification prompting you that there are late submissions needing to be approved or rejected.

Instructor View:

Late Submission - Auto-Accept

  1. Navigate to the Activity page

  2. Select the activity

  3. Navigate to the ‘Students’ heading, then under the ‘Create’ column view the status of each students’ creation. (Late - Accepted, Late - Needs Approval, Grace Period, Missed, Overdue, Professor Graded, Complete)

    1. You are also able to select the ‘Filter by’ drop-down menu to sort the Creations that have been submitted

Late Submission - Auto-Accept - Rejecting

  • If a creation that has been submitted through Late Submission - Auto-Accept and you would like to reject a creation for any reason, you will receive a warning that student evaluations cannot be assigned and the creation must be manually graded by you

Late Submission - Needs Approval

  • You will receive an alert with an red icon on your activity card at the top right:

Accepting/rejecting late submissions:

To view the student’s late submission to accept or reject the late submission:

  1. Select the activity card

  2. Navigate to the ‘Students’ heading, then under the ‘Create’ column:

    1. Select the ‘Filter by’ drop-down menu and select ‘Late Creation’

    2. Select the student with the late submission to view their reason for submitting late

    3. Select Accept or Reject creation

If accepted:

  • Choose whether you would like to assign evaluators or score manually

NOTE: This will assign additional evaluations to evaluators on top of those they have already been assigned.

If you assign evaluators:

  • You are able to view how many eligible evaluators are available in the pink text

    • An eligible evaluator is any student that has not started their evaluations or those who have least amount of evaluations started

      • Ex. 0/3 started or ⅓ started compared to 3/3 complete

If you reject an already approved creation then accept it later on:

  • You must score the creation manually

NOTE: Students will receive a notification via email or text message on your decision if you accept or reject a creation

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