Adding TAs/Co-Instructors

Learn how to add Teaching Assistants and Co-Instructors.

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  1. Navigate to your course homepage by selecting the ‘Course Roster’

  2. Select ‘Invite Collaborators.

  3. Fill the emails of your collaborators in the textbox. Invitations will be sent with additional guidance to the following individuals to enroll.

    1. If you wish to add a collaborator who has previously accessed Kritik as a student (for example, if a previous student is now a TA), you will need to invite them using a different email address than the one they used for their Kritik account as a student. Alternatively, you can contact our Support team who can help change their role on the backend.

    2. TAs/co-instructors in Kritik also do not share the same abilities as intstructors. Here is a list of permissions available to instructors that are not available to TAs/co-instructors:

      1. Setup LMS/LMS settings

      2. Grade Sync

      3. Download Creations

      4. Invite other collaborators

      5. Delete a course

      6. Remove other collaborators

NOTE: Collaborators will appear as pending after they have been invited. Once they have accepted the invitation, they will no longer appear as pending in your Collaborators list.

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