1. Navigate to your course homepage by selecting the ‘Course Info’

  2. Under the ‘Course Details’ section, navigate to the ‘Collaborators’ section.

  3. Select ‘Add TAs and Co-Instructors’

  4. Fill the emails of your collaborators in the textbox. Invitations will be sent with additional guidance to the following individuals to enroll.

    1. If you wish to add a collaborator who has previously accessed Kritik as a student (for example, if a previous student is now a TA), you will need to invite them using a different email address than the one they used for their Kritik account as a student. Alternatively, you can contact our Support team who can help change their role on the backend.

NOTE: Collaborators will not appear as pending after they have been invited. However, once they have accepted the invitation, they will appear in your Collaborators list.

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