Grading power is how much impact your scoring will have on a peer's final grade.

The more evaluations you do well, the more your rank will increase.

  • The higher the rank a student has the more impactful his/her scoring will be on a peer's final grade.

  • For within-group activities and calibration activities, grading power is not taken into account in determining creation scores.

Grading Ranks

  • Grading power is shown by your profile border.

  • All students start out at Beginner Rank.

  • Grading power is fluid - it can fluctuate throughout the course based on how accurate you are in your evaluations of your peers for each activity.

  • Grading power is divided into 6 Ranks:

  • Once an activity has been marked as complete by your instructor, you will be able to view a calibration report that will let you know how your grading power has changed after the activity. You can access this information by clicking on the finalized activity under ‘Past Activities’ on your Activities page.

It should look something like this based on whether you ranked up or down:

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